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“Nesterov” watch is the reliable partner and second pilot for “Heroes of Our Time” who favor extreme lifestyle and adventures. Thanks to its reliability and multi-functionality, this limited edition watch will help you sustain the force of nature, recording the time of your achievements and victories, while its original design will highlight your individuality and strong character. 

About the brand
The brand carries its name after Peter Nesterov, famed Russian ace pilot and the founder of aerial acrobatics. A strive for adrenaline, breath-taking speed, and victory is what has always inspired designers of watches dedicated to aircrafts and pilots. In developing the brand, the focus was made on both civilian and military characteristics.
Brand ambassadors

The brand’s philosophy has always been intrinsically linked to sporting achievements and new records. Fostering sport in the sky, at sea, and on land is the key to “Nesterov” brand, reflected in every detail of its design.


“Nesterov” has its in-house production facilities and annually introduces new product quality standards.

Quality control
“Nesterov” watches undergo a multi-stage quality control procedure during assemblage. We put particular emphasis on protecting the environment and the health of our customers. While manufacturing our watches, we do not use nickel, lead, cadmium, and other contaminating elements.

Service and instructions

To ensure the product’s problem-free and durable operation, we recommend handling the watch with reasonable care in compliance with our guidelines.


Below are answers to frequently asked questions about “Nesterov” brand.


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