How long will delivery take?

“Nesterov” will try everything within its capacities to deliver the order within the expected delivery terms at the delivery address. The buyer bears the responsibility for the correct input of the delivery address; in case anything goes wrong with the shipment of an order, due to an error in the delivery address (that can be attributed to the buyer), “Nesterov” cannot be held responsible for the (partial) loss of the shipment. In case “Nesterov” needs additional information regarding a delivery address, the buyer may be approached by “Nesterov” in order to provide additional information. A delay in the delivery may occur in case additional information regarding the delivery address is needed.

All mentioned delivery terms (shipping days, delivery time in working days, shipment date etc) on the website should be understood as estimated delivery terms and cannot be understood as final delivery terms or guaranteed delivery terms.

In case a product has been delivered at the buyer in damaged or incomplete state, the buyer must inform the “Nesterov” customer care team as soon as possible (within 24 hours after receiving the order) by email (or through the contact page of the “Nesterov” website). Subsequently, “Nesterov” will properly deal with the matter at hand; the customer must always inform “Nesterov” in the aforementioned situation(s) and wait for the instructions of the “Nesterov” customer care team. A customer who returns a product in this situation at his own costs, without contacting and awaiting the instructions of the customer care team, cannot claim the costs he/she made at “Nesterov” (nor hold “Nesterov” responsible for the return shipment that took place without prior consent of “Nesterov”).

In case the order that has been shipped or is being shipped by “Nesterov” to the buyer, is missing, went missing, or in case the buyer claims that he/she did not receive the order (despite information such as the track & trace data / carrier information, indicating otherwise), the complaint procedure of the carrier will be started and the outcome of this procedure will be awaited, before any refund or re-shipment shall take place. The buyer must fully cooperate with the complaint procedure of the carrier. In case of a shipment that went missing as the result of an error by the carrier (and after the complaint procedure of the carrier has been completed), “Nesterov” will either refund the customer or “Nesterov” will try to re-ship the ordered product.

In case a shipment 28 days after the shipment date still has not been delivered at the delivery address of the buyer (or the pick up point), the buyer has the obligation to inform the “Nesterov” customer care team by email within 14 days (so: ultimately 42 days after the shipment date).

Unless stated otherwise, the buyer has the right to revoke the agreement and to return his/her order during a period of 14 days after receiving the order, without stating a reason (please note the abovementioned exception: in case a product is damaged or incomplete, the buyer has the obligation to inform the “Nesterov” customer care team by email and to await further instructions). The buyer also has the right to inform «Nesterov», within 14 days after receiving his/her order, of his decision to return his order without the obligation to state a reason (exception: in case of an incomplete or damaged product, see above); the buyer then must return his/her order within 14 days after having informed “Nesterov”. The return address for returns within the trial period is:

Ukmerges g. 369A, 12142 Vilnius, Lithuania

Please note that in case of a broken or damaged product, a different return address may apply.

In case the buyer wishes to use his/her right to revoke the agreement and to return his/her order, the buyer is only allowed to unpack and/or to use the ordered product as far as is needed to be able to determine whether he/she wants to keep the product. During the trial period the buyer must carefully handle the product and keep the original undamaged packaging. The buyer shall return the ordered product to “Nesterov” together with all the accessories (if any) and, insofar possible, in the original state and packaging, in accordance with the return instructions of “Nesterov” (as described on the packing slip). The buyer is responsible for the return shipment of his/her order and bears all the risks related to the return shipment. “Nesterov” advises the buyer to return a product by insured shipment and in a sealed packaging. In case an insured return shipment goes missing, gets damaged or in case the reception of a returned shipment is denied (for example in case no valid signature can be shown by the carrier), the buyer then has the option to hold the carrier liable. The buyer, as the sender of the return shipment, must start the complaint procedure for any issue that may occur with the return shipment. The buyer must keep the (official, digital) receipt of his/her return shipment that contains the tracking information.

The shipment costs for a return shipment within the trial period and the shipment costs for a return shipment for a warranty request or repair request (for defects occuring after the buyer has used the product), are borne by the buyer. In case of a revocation by the buyer within the trial period, “Nesterov” will credit the buyer within 14 days after receiving the return shipment (no credit applies for costs of the return shipment). Any credit due as a result of a returned product, will be credited to the account that the buyer used to pay the original order.

In case the buyer wishes to use his/her right to revoke the agreement and to cancel his/her order, while the shipment of the buyer's order has already left the “Nesterov” warehouse (which usually on work days will occur right after the buyer places his/her order) -  even if the shipment has not yet arrived at the buyer's shipment address of choice - the costs of returning the shipment to the “Nesterov” warehouse are borne by the buyer. In case any import taxes, duties or customs (administrative) costs are due, because the shipment has been imported into the buyer's shipment country of choice (a process that in most cases cannot be stopped, once the shipment is on its way to the buyer's shipment country of choice), these costs are borne by the buyer.


How much does “Nesterov” watch cost?

“Nesterov” watch is designed for modern people, who constantly reach out for new heights in pursuit of their goals. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the prices of our watches, which range from 44,6 to 499 euro, suiting every man’s taste. To get more detailed information about the models and prices, please enter the catalog.


What are the advantages of the watch?

The unique combination of multi-functionality, reliability and original design makes “Nesterov” watch the ideal choice for extreme sports lovers. While developing the brand, the focus was made on both military and civil characteristics inherent in the most sophisticated wrist devices.

The watch is made from reliable and high-quality materials and components: stainless steel body, mineral glass, genuine leather straps, solid rubber straps, as well as Swiss and Japanese movements.

Another distinctive feature of “Nesterov” watch is the fact that all models are issued in limited series of 75-250 items, which are devoted to famous aircrafts, ace pilots, and gifted designers, as well as to milestones events in the realm of aviation. Each model’s backcase features a collection series number and a corresponding aircraft or pilot’s portrait. 

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